Introducing 2 different Trail Patrol Ambassador (TPA) categories to choose from:

  • Advanced  TPA – Must be or become a Wisconsin DNR ATV Safety instructor
  • Auxiliary TPA – No longer required to be DNR ATV safety instructor

Our current Trail Patrol Ambassadors that wish to maintain their DNR instructor status will be promoted to “Advanced” status upon successfully completing and passing our re-certification TPA training. The Advanced patroller will be issued a higher profile patrol vest and a distinguishingly different name badge. Re-certification training applies only to our NOHVIS Group ½ day Trail Patrol training. DNR instructor status remains under the same requirements as established and managed by the Wisconsin DNR and your area Recreational Safety Warden. 

Current Trail Patrol Ambassadors whose DNR instructor status has already lapsed or soon will, can remain in the TPA program as an “Auxiliary TPA” once they take our ½ day re-certification Trail Patrol training. The current / original style vest and name badge will identify the Auxiliary. All other TPA activities and duties will apply for both categories of patroller.

New applicants can choose to become either category of Trail Ambassador. Those wishing to become an Advanced TPA, unless they are already an active ATV DNR instructor, will need to take a separate instructor course which includes a thorough review and understanding of the DNR instructor manual. As a prerequisite for the instructor training, the applicant will need to download the DNR instructor manual files, then complete and submit the self-study, open book quiz approximately 30 days before the actual selected training date. If the new TPA applicant is already an active DNR instructor but not a TPA, upon successfully passing the ½ day TPA training will qualify the person as an Advanced TPAer. No additional instructor training is necessary in order to qualify as a new Advanced T rail Patrol Ambassador.

New Auxiliary TPA applicants (non-instructors) as well as TPAers already in our current program that intend to maintain their DNR ATV instructor status but still need to take the mandatory re-certification training need only attend the ½ day trail patrol training course.  For new Auxiliary TPA applicants that have never been an instructor, there is another prerequisite required before coming to the Trail Patrol training session. In lieu of being an ATV instructor, these applicants must first be graduates as a student of the Wisconsin DNR ATV safety course (on line or classroom training, both are accepted). Applicants for both TPA categories, including those taking the re-certification TPA training to become Advanced TPAs, have another certified Trail Patroller to ride with, and must pass criminal background checks which will be completed approximately 30 days before the day of training by the NOHVIS Group home office.

Upcoming Training:

We have a Statewide TPA class. For more information, please email or call 888-470-3966

Northwest Region


Greg Olson: (612) 280-1220 or
Jeff Jordheim: (715) 684-9105
Home Office: (920) 694-0583
Email them both at:
Email the home office: 

Northeast Region:  


Terry Coplien
(608) 963-1457
Home Office: (920) 694-0583
Email the home office: 

Southwest / Southcentral:  


Rob McConnell
(608) 273-1285  
Randy Harden
Home Office: (920) 694-0583
Email the home office: 

Mandatory Applications That Must Be Submitted Before Attending:

Both Advanced and Auxiliary will need to complete the following items: Trail Patrol Ambassador Enrollment Application; SSA-89; Authorization and Release Form, which you can download here:

  1. Complete as a student, the Wisconsin DNR ATV Safety Course (click here to find out more)*
  2. Click here to download the Trail Patrol Ambassador Enrollment Application
  3. Click here to download the SSA-89 (Social Security Number Verification) Form
  4. Click here to download the Authorization and Release Form
* Advanced Trail Ambassadors do not need to complete the safety course as they will become instructors for the DNR.
Need help? Don't hesitate to call us at 920-694-0583! We can assist you in getting the right forms completed!

For our Advanced users, you will also need to complete the required forms for becoming an Wisconsin ATV DNR Safety Instructor, which can be found below:

  1. Review the Policy and Procedure Manual
  2. Complete the WI DNR application: 8500-161: Apprentice Application
  3. Complete the WI DNR application: 8500-162: Instructor Training Record and Application
  4. Complete the Apprentice Instructor Exam
  5. Return the applications and exam to the NOHVIS Group Inc:

Return applications to the following address:

NOHVIS Group Inc.
1539 N. 33rd Place
Suite A
Sheboygan, WI 53081
Phone: 920-694-0583
Fax: 888-649-0676